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What is the Box Program?

The Box Program is a weekly box that lets individuals and families in the community take advantage of the Tofino-Ucluelet Culinary Guild’s access to fresh, seasonal produce from local Vancouver Island farms and B.C. producers. tucg is able to order items in bulk so that Box Program participants share together in a taste of a variety of fruits and veggies at a great price! The boxes are geared to those who love variety, are opened minded to trying new foods, wish to support our regional farmers/producers, appreciate good value.

What kind of Box can I get? See some sample boxes>
you can also see photos every box we've done on our instagram!

Food Lover’s Box

Heat of Summer Box

· A variety of greenery, root crops, fruits, greenhouse crops and in general foods that we find special but not too weird. We are well aware of the plight of programs with too many herbs, kohlrabi, or favas - we keep that in mind!

· We intend to have food that is of great value while showcasing the best from our farmers, local businesses and the occasional new ingredient we think more people should know about.

· This box is probably too much for an individual (share with a friend!), it is bountiful for a couple, and just right for a family with a couple children.

· Designed to help our busy tucg members get through the craziness of summer well-fed while working those long days! This ‘picnic’ style box will contain items that require no or very minimal cooking but help provide members with a variety of healthy and fresh food food.

· There will be bonus items from tucg restaurant and grocery members who are producing something really delicious that we want to make sure everybody tastes

· This box is bountiful for an individual and just right for a couple or friends share.

How much does it cost?

Order by the week: $42 per box
Get a discount by ordering in advance for $39 per box

How do I sign up?

You must be a member of the Tofino Ucluelet Culinary Guild to order any of our products. If you are not yet a member please contact admin@tucg.ca and we will send you more information. If you are a member, you can order your box here

How do I order and get my Box each week?

We have three pick up locations:

Order by 9pm MONDAY via your online account (provided when you become a tucg member). Pick up in person THURSDAY 4-6pm at the tucg warehouse, 671 Industrial Way, Unit 8 (a few units down from Long Beach Auto).

Order by 9pm MONDAYs via your online account (provided when you become a tucg member). Pickup is in person FRIDAY from 5-6pm - at ANAF.

What if I am signed up monthly but am going away for a week?

By paying monthly or seasonally you are committing to weekly boxes and we cannot provide you with a credit if you are away. But if you will be away, we have a few options:

  • designate a friend to pick up your box
  • post on the tucg Facebook page to other members to see if they'd like a box
  • we have a partnership with the Food Bank on the Edge and the Kaceema Food Bank, so we hope you will consider donating it to a family in need! Any boxes unclaimed by Friday night we donate to the Food Bank

What if I have an allergy or am vegetarian? (HOS box sometimes has meat/dairy product)

Please notify us of this when you sign up for the program. We promise to do our best to accommodate you.

Are the Boxes organic?

We look for quality and best value with farms that have transparent and sustainable practices. While many products are grown with organic standards in mind, and we frequently have organic produce, we cannot make a guarantee. But we think you will be happy with our passionate, like-minded farmers and if you wish to know more about any of their practices just ask us!

Not just a Box...

All members of the tucg are welcome to take advantage of our bulk ordering by the case. That pint of raspberries in your box may have been so delicious you want to order 10lbs (trust us, it will go fast). You might also want to stock up for the winter when the box program winds down in the fall. If you would like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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Honest food from passionate people.

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