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Our farms and producers

Here are a few of the small-scale farmers and producers we work with.

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Amara Farm, Comox Valley

Arzeena and Neil started Amara Farm in 2012 with a dream to grow healthy food for their community. First came the veggies, and then an acre of blueberries in 2014. The farm received its certified organic status in 2015 and has since earned awards such as, the Land of Plenty Award (2018), and the Comox Valley Record's Best Market Vendor (2019). They have recently started a new project involving the addition of a new orchard full of apple, pear, and hazelnut trees.

Avalon Farm, Sproat Lake

Avalon Farm, in the Sproat Lake area of Vancouver Island, is surrounded by beautiful forest, nestled in the last remaining meadows of historic Stirling Farm, started in the 1800’s. The soil, mainly ancient, drained peat bog, is perfect for Blueberries – and since we first planted, our berries have thrived in their pristine environment. We use absolutely no chemical fertilizers, fungicides, pesticides or insecticides.

Coligny Creek Egg Co., Abbotsford

Committed to ethical farming practices, all our eggs are free range, and our cherished, outdoor-roaming hens are fed a premium vegetarian diet with no animal by-products. Our happy hens lay exceptional eggs, transported directly to stores to be enjoyed by those who appreciate ‘a good egg’ with moral standards.

It’s as close as you can get to picking them up from the farm yourself. We’re a small, local business with true authenticity, knowledge, and integrity; all the right ingredients to create an exemplary environment, producing ‘impeccable eggs’.

Farmship Growers Co-op, Ladysmith

Farmship Growers Co-op sprouted when four farmers came together in the winter of 2013. Craig Evans and Jen Cody of Growing Opportunities Community Farm Cooperative had left Providence farm in search of land to keep growing their community farm. Chris Brown of the ReFarm was searching for a new location for his production. Finally, Isabelle Morris of Isabelle’s Garden was searching for committed, dedicated partners to help grow a sustainable vegetable production on her family farm in Yellow Point. Since that beginning, we have grown in acreage from 2 to 12 acres in organic vegetable production and a number of partners have joined the ranks.

Green Fire Farm, Cowichan Valley

Since Green Fire’s beginnings in 2014, they are continuously learning and seeking to improve their practices while stewarding the land, air and water of their 40-acre parcel of land. Nestled in the Cowichan Valley, they have created an agro-ecological system of orchards, herbivores (pigs, chicken, cows and sheep!) and even have an aptly named “pie field” of berries. The dance of bringing in livestock and perennials, cover cropping and forever experimenting to build practices that work best for the ecology, economy and community is integral to their work.

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Haltwhistle Cheese Co., Cowichan Valley

Cory Spencer and Kirsten Thorarinson moved to Vancouver Island in 2010 with a dream of producing some of the best cheese around. Growing little by little each year, that dream became a reality in 2014 when The Happy Goat Cheese Company made the first batch of cheese in our newly licensed production facility.

Our farm is home to over 100 curious, feisty, and jovial goats who spend most of their days grazing our lush, green pasture. We are thankful for the amazing milk they produce for us – without it our cheeses wouldn’t be the same!

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Hofmann's Farm, Cobble Hill

Hofmann's farm is a family run 9,5 acre farm in Cobble Hill, Cowichan Valley. When this property became our home, we did not foresee it being a wonderful food producing farm. It took Pablo, aka Mobetta herbs, to come into our lives and start growing greens in our newly created garden. Having him around inspired us all and in 2016 I started growing arugula and basil in raised beds. Since then we have focused on producing a variety of about 20 different greens for salad mixes which are all grown outside as well as arugula. Basil has always been one of our favorite herbs, so it was a given to grow this in our little greenhouse.

Our mission is to grow as natural as possible with the complete absence of chemical input other than certified organic fertilizers if needed. All of our organic matter comes from our medical free farm animals as well as stinging nettles from the forests.

It seems we are doing what we always dreamt about. Being outside most of the day, sleeping well and utilizing land to produce food.

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Hopcott Farms, Pitt Meadows

Hopcott Farm was purchased in 1932 by Fred & Jane Hopcott who were born and raised in Ladner, BC. Originally a dairy farm, after 25 years the dairy herd was sold and Fred Hopcott’s dream of raising beef cattle began. Over time, the farm began to diversify by converting land to corn fields and cranberry bogs. The Hopcott’s son, Bob, became an active partner in the farm, following his father’s love of beef cattle. In 2000, Bob and his wife, Debbie, decided to diversify again and created an agri-tourism destination called Meadows Maze. Having a space where they could sell their meats, local produce and dairy and more was the next logical move. In 2006, Hopcott Premium Meats opened a 9,000 square foot shop, reminiscent of an early 1900s feel. Bob, Debbie and their children are strong advocates of eating local, supporting fellow farmers, and strengthening community relations.

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Krause Berry Farm, Fraser Valley

It started small when Alf Krause planted 1 acre of strawberries in 1974. Today, Krause Berry Farms & Estate Winery has expanded to over 200 acres, growing and producing some of the Fraser Valley's best berries and vegetables. Owned and operated by Alf & Sandee Krause, their commitment to ethical and sustainable farming has resulted in loyal guests spreading the word and returning year after year.

Lentelus Farms, Comox Valley

Lentelus Farms is an agroecological farming business on Vancouver Island. We strive to practice a form of agriculture that is regenerative and restorative to the lands which we farm. My name is Dave, and my passion is creating sustainable solutions for the agricultural industry. I come from a diverse farming and conservation science background. My Dad’s an organic farmer with over 30 years in the business and my Mum is a brilliant cook and caregiver who has a contagious love of quality, fresh ingredients and celebrating a good meal with family and friends.

Natural Gift Seafoods, California to Haida Gwaii

We are as proud of our fish as we are of our fishery. The fish we catch are young, healthy, and are rich in Omega 3 fatty acid. Our fishery is one of the greenest and cleanest in the world and has been eco-certified by the Marine Stewardship Council. With all the bad news about depleted fish stocks, destructive and energy-intensive commercial fishing methods we are proud to be part of a fishery that is well managed and sustainable.

Picnic Charcuterie, Tofino

We produce high quality cured meats and provisions using local and seasonal BC ingredients. We practice traditional production and aging techniques, using only the minimum required preservatives. Techniques that have been used for centuries have cultural roots. These methods take patience, and value every part of an animal. In our work we respect the time, effort and life given to raise and harvest the ingredients we use. Food sovereignty and safety is equally significant to us. We think consumers should know how and where the food they eat is produced, and who produces it. We believe in directly supporting the production and harvest of local and ethically raised goods, and prioritize sourcing ingredients from Vancouver Island producers.

Ponderosa Mushrooms, Maple Ridge

Quality begins here in the natural pristine wilderness of the forests in North America. Our Wild Mushrooms grow in glorious isolation, far from environmental impurities of the world. Ponderosa Mushrooms takes this natural advantage and improves on nature, setting standards of freshness, quality and flavor that cannot be matched. We use the most advanced systems to guarantee freshness and to deliver our mushrooms at the peak of their perfection to you, free of additives or preservatives.

Tofino Kombucha, Tofino

At Tofino Kombucha, it's our mission to be your gateway to better nutrition and better health. Let our kombucha guide your gut! Brewing and drinking kombucha is an excellent way to start enjoying other traditionally prepared fermented foods, such as naturally leavened sourdough bread, sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles and, of course, yogurt and kefir. We hope to inspire you to start the journey back to the world of preparing and consuming self-sustaining and life-sustaining fermented foods.

Tatlo Road Farm, Crofton

Tatlo Road Farm is located on 7 acres just south of Crofton on Vancouver Island, about half way between Victoria and Nanaimo, and just 15 minutes from Duncan. We grow a wide range of vegetables, herbs, and some fruit, as well as raising laying hens. We use agro-ecological practices to manage our farm and we are Certified Organic through the Island Organic Producers Association.