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Borrowing equipment is a great way to to process and preserve produce without a big investment in equipment you many not use often, or if you are just learning. Whether you grow, forage, or buy from tucg local farmers, preservation is a healthy, economical and delicious way to enjoy the fresh taste of food throughout the year.


Boiling Water Canning Kit

Bernardin 21 quart canner, rack, jar lifter,
funnel, lidlifter, scraper, dvd, manual
Pressure Canner

Presto 23 quart pressure canner, rack,
additional manual pressure gauges, manual

Weston dehydratror, six trays, manual

Signups are first come, first served. You can rent based on the timeslots below. If there is no one waiting after you, you can extend your rental. Please be mindful of others! We allow rental of up to two pieces of equipment at one time. We allow only one timeslot signup at a time per person (once you are done with a rental, you can then signup again). All pickups and returns of equipment are at the Tofino warehouse.

The rental fee is $8 per one piece of large equipment.

We offer two rental timeslots:
  1. Pickup on a Friday after 2pm and return by 11am on Tuesday ( you get the equipment Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday)
  2. Pickup on a Tuesday after 2pm and return by 11 am on Friday (you get the equipment Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)

It is the renter's responsibility to inspect all equipment to make sure it is clean and operational before taking it home. Contact the tucg immediately at admin@tucg.ca if you notice that the equipment in unclean, damaged or missing any pieces. Manuals are provided with equipment, please familiarize yourself with the correct operation of the equipment. If in doubt - ask us! Better yet, why not take a local workshop?

Please return rentals on time and be mindful that other are potentially waiting to use the equipment after you. Any equipment returned late will be double the rental cost per day late.

All equipment must be returned completely clean with all parts and manuals. A fee of $20 will apply to anything returned in less than clean state at the discretion of TUCG staff. Any damages will be assessed on return of the equipment at the discretion of TUCG staff and renters will be charged for the cost of repair or replacement of parts.

Users with unpaid fees will not be able to signup again until the fees are paid.

As a renter, you will thoroughly read and agree to abide by all instructions and safety information provided with the equipment. Renters shall indemnify and hold harmless the Tofino Ucluelet Culinary Guild from and against any claim, cause of action, loss or liability for any property damage or personal injury arising by use of the equipment in any manner.

All renters will be required to sign an agreement for these rules before renting. If you have any trouble at all we are always happy to help.

The library is supported in part through Eat West Coast, our regional food security initiative, a partnership with the TUCG, Island Health and the Clayoquot Biosphere Trust. The have launched a three year 'West Coast Preservation Program' to build capacity to address local interest and activity in community sharing of local and indigenous food knowledge, access, preparations, and preservation techniques so families can learn more about the seasonal abundance and and access a variety of healhty and traditional foods year round. Stay tuned for community and school programs and kitchen upgrades, workshops, 'train the local trainer', and food safety education.