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***Up to date as of October 2022***


Tofino Parking

  • Please park in only iin the spots directly in front of tucg - either the two spots to the left of the shipping container or to the right of the shipping container
  • You can park in the Long Beach Auto spaces after 5pm when they are closed
  • Do not park in our neighbour's spaces, they are used at all hours and must be kept available.
  • You can also park on the street and borrow our handy wagon!

Pick-up Information Tofino and Ucluelet
  • TOFINO: Pickup location is our warehouse #8-671 Industrial Way (same building as Log Beach Auto) You are assigned a two hour pickup window for either Thursday or Friday. You will receive your pick-up information via email on Wednesday. Times are Thursday 2-4pm, 4-6pm, 5-7pm and Friday 2-4pm.
  • UCLUELET: Pickup location is Rec Hall on Sea Plane Base road. Pick-ups are on Friday 2-5pm. We will send you specific information via email on Wednesday.
  • If you are not able to meet the assigned time, please email or phone us and we will reschedule you.
  • We highly recommend putting an alarm on your phone for your pickup time to ensure you remember, this is very effective!
Payment Options

  • Once your order is completed we will email your invoice for payment. You do not need to pay prior to picking up so we can ensure you receive your complete order (picked to order fresh farm products may sometimes be shorted last minute due to circumstances related to farming!)
  • Your invoice will have instructions to pay either by etransfer or credit card. (psst... as a non-profit we like etransfers as it keeps our costs low). If for any reason you cannot pay by these two methods, please just get in touch and we will make alternative arrangements.
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