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***Up to date as of June 10 , 2020***

We are very happy we can continue to feed our communities. In doing so, we can all take extra care for each other. TUCG has always practiced good food safety and sanitation and will continue to do so as we always work to do better. Read below about some changes we have made, and some things you can do too so that we are all helping each other with COVID-19 precautions.

Helping Each Other! Health & Safety

  • Only TUCG staff and designated support are permitted in the warehouse; thank you customers for waiting outside.
  • Anyone, staff or other, exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms will not be allowed to enter the warehouse.
  • Please be mindful of TUCG staff and other customers and keep 2m away from each other.
  • We will have counters set up at the front of the warehouse. Please wait until our staff have completed your order and everything is on the table before you take anything away. Allow our staff time to sanitize counters.
  • Customers are asked to pickup only at your assigned time. If you cannot make the time, please contact us by phone or email to reschedule, do not come to the warehouse.
  • At this time, only pre-orders are being filled, we do not have ‘extras’ on hand for purchase.
  • TUCG staff are mindful of our limited social distancing within our warehouse. We have worked together to ensure mutual sanitation efforts and physical/social distancing efforts exceeding our workplace environment.
  • As always, please be mindful of where you park and do not block traffic flow. Only park in TUCG spaces, or Long Beach Auto spaces after their 5pm closing.

Pick-up Information
  • TOFINO: Pickup location is our warehouse #8-671 Industrial Way (same building as Log Beach Auto) We are now assigning each member a 2 hour window of time to pick-up their order to ensure we are able to spread out customers and maintain social distancing for our staff and for our customers. We think this will lead to a smooth and safe operation for everyone. You are assigned a two hour pickup window for either Thursday or Friday. You will receive your pick-up information via email on Wednesday.
  • UCLUELET: Pickup location is Rec Hall on Sea Plane Base road. We are now assigning members a 2 hour window of time to pick. Pick-ups are on Friday afternoons. we will send you specific information via email on Wednesday.
  • If you are not able to meet the assigned time, please email or phone us and we will reschedule you.
  • If you miss your window, please DO NOT come to the warehouse. Phone or email us and we will make arrangements.
  • We highly recommend putting an alarm on your phone for your pickup time to ensure you remember, this is very effective!
  • Be aware that our warehouse is closed Saturday and Sunday. We will not be able to accommodate missed pick-ups or deliveries on those days (applies to TOFINO & UCLUELET).
  • If you are in required isolation and can't pickup your order, please get in touch at members@tucg.ca and we will help make arrangements **Please come and pickup if you are able! We are working on a shoestring budget and staff**
Payment Options

  • We are trying to create an easy 'grab n go' process. We will email you an invoice with instructions to pay either by etransfer or credit card. (psst... as a non-profit we like etransfers as it keeps our costs low). If for any reason you cannot pay by these two methods, please just get in touch and we will make alternative arrangements.
Contact Us

  • 250-266-2774 Call or text don't forget to include your full name if texting
  • members@tucg.ca or get in touch with any of our staff