Wine, Rose, 750ml Bottle, 2019, JoieFarm Winery (20.78 plus gst & deposit)

Wine, Rose, 750ml Bottle, 2019, JoieFarm Winery (20.78 plus gst & deposit)
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Bobby thinks if this bottle of Rose could talk it would say:

Are you at a table of 4 and only opening one bottle to go with the whole dinner? Drink me. On a patio in the summer and need a light refreshing drink to go with lots of different appies? I'm there for you. Looking for a wine that will surprise your wine buddy who says "I don't like Rose, they are too sweet, why don't we have this 15.5% California Cabernet for our light seafood dinner". Don't let them do it. I am here for you and that friend to help them 're-think pink'.
For a long time wine drinkers thought about Rosé as a sweet pink drink (looking at you California winemakers), that only loosely resembled drinkable wine. JoieFarm always believed I could be better than that though. What I like most about myself is that I am versatile by nature. I am made from red grapes but the process to make me is more like a white wine. ( Feel free to google or bing, assuming anyone is still binging, to learn more about the difference). This means I am crisp, clean, colourful, I smell like strawberries, yet have enough substance to stand up to a main course for most meals. Who knows, maybe balanced, versatile and bright, could be part of the new masculine in these modern times.